John Hughes High School


Chicago, Illinois


Principal Rabinoff

Vice Principal

Vice Principal Winslow



John Hughes High School is the school that CeCe Jones and Gunther Hessenheffer attend on Shake It Up.

Known Students Edit

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Start It Up
  • Give It Up
  • Add It Up
  • Kick It Up
  • Age It Up
  • Hook It Up
  • Wild It Up
  • Match It Up
  • Show It Up
  • Heat It Up
  • Glitz It Up
  • Hot Mess It Up
  • Reunion It Up
  • Sweat It Up
  • Model It Up
  • Twist It Up

Season 2Edit

  • Three's a Crowd It Up
  • Doctor It Up
  • Review It Up
  • Auction It Up
  • Split It Up
  • Copy Kat It Up
  • Egg It Up
  • Judge It Up
  • Parent Trap It Up
  • Weird It Up
  • Whodunit Up?
  • Tunnel It Up
  • Protest It Up
  • Wrestle It Up
  • Rock and Roll It Up (in 1953)
  • Slumber It Up
  • Surprise It Up

Season 3Edit

  • Fire It Up
  • Funk It Up
  • Spirit It Up
  • Lock It Up
  • My Fair Librarian It Up
  • Switch It Up
  • In The Bag It Up
  • Brain It Up
  • Opposites Attract It Up

Known FacultyEdit

  • Principal - Principal Rabinoff
  • Vice Principal - Vice Principal Winslow
  • Teacher - Mr. Polk
  • Teacher - Mrs. Rubenstein
  • Teacher - Mr. Leech
  • Teacher - Mr. Zigfield
  • Gym Teacher - Coach Lesseur
  • Librarian - Ms. Burke

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